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[LiveStream!]* Octagon Fighting Show 13 Live Free TV Broadcast

Octagon Fighting Show 13 takes place Saturday, October 21, 2023 with 15 fights at Arena Music Hall in Kilkis, Greece.


Octagon Fighting Show 13: A Night of Champions in Kilkis

Kilkis, Greece – In the heart of the historic city, the Arena Music Hall played host to a night that would go down in the annals of MMA history. Saturday, October 21, 2023, marked the return of Octagon Fighting Show, with Octagon Fighting Show 13 delivering a fight card that left fans on the edge of their seats and fighters ready to etch their names in the sport's lore.

Leonidas Sopranidis vs. Angelos Flampouraris

Konstantinos Angelidis vs. Thanasis Kyriakidis

Konstantinos Soantzoglou vs. Thodoris Aoursalidis

Ioannis Tsecheridis vs. Charalampos Siamidis

Dimitris Papadopoulos vs. Giorgos Emmanouilidis

Charis Iordanidis vs. Lorentzo Pali

Kleon Pepkolai vs. Thomas Chatzianastasiou

Franco Bezo vs. Dimitris Papadopoulos

Konstantinos Piperidis vs. Giorgos Pavlidis

Giannis Mandylas vs. Elvis Ndoja

Andreas Pantelidis vs. Alexandros Bozić

Nikos Katakalidis vs. Angelos Nitsas

The event was set to feature a remarkable 15 fights, and the atmosphere was electric. MMA enthusiasts from Greece and around the world flocked to Kilkis to witness the action-packed spectacle.

As the evening kicked off, a series of promising prospects and seasoned veterans took center stage. From local heroes defending their turf to international fighters looking to make their mark, Octagon Fighting Show 13 promised a diverse showcase of mixed martial arts.

The undercard was filled with thrilling matchups, with fighters demonstrating their skill and heart in the cage. Knockouts, submissions, and back-and-forth wars had the crowd roaring in approval. It was clear from the onset that the fighters were leaving it all in the Octagon.

One of the standout moments of the evening was the women's strawweight championship fight. Two determined fighters clashed in a battle of wits and technique. In the end, it was a closely contested split decision that crowned the new champion, and the crowd erupted in applause for the competitors.

The co-main event had the arena shaking as two bantamweight warriors went toe-to-toe. The fighters left everything inside the cage, trading blows and grappling for dominance. When the final bell rang, the unanimous decision was met with a standing ovation.

The main event of the evening featured two elite athletes vying for the promotion's prestigious lightweight title. In a grueling five-round battle, the fighters showcased their striking and grappling prowess. The roar of the crowd reached a fever pitch as the final round unfolded, with each fighter pushing their limits. When the judges' scores were announced, the new champion was declared, and the arena was filled with jubilation.

As the final bout concluded, Octagon Fighting Show 13 had cemented its place as a night of champions. The fighters had shown incredible skill, determination, and sportsmanship, and the fans had witnessed a memorable night of mixed martial arts action.

The Octagon Fighting Show 13 had come to a close, but its legacy would live on in the memories of fighters and fans alike. It was a night that celebrated the heart and soul of MMA, and it would be remembered as a true spectacle in the sport's history.


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