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Our Beloved Roses

Honoring Mothers We've Lost


Amber Rose Isaac

We would like to honor our beloved Amber Rose Isaac. She is the sole reason and purpose of the saveArose Foundation.
Amber received her Bachelors Degree in Psychology in May 2018, with desires to introduce art therapy to the youth and communities of the Bronx & Harlem. She became head teacher as an Early Life educator at lssny in Harlem, where she captured the hearts & minds of her students. In 2019, Amber went back to Concordia college to earn her Masters Degree for Business Development. She was determined to open a business to better serve under privileged families by providing extra curriculum activities and services that would help discover career paths. Eventually, Amber wanted to open a school that would give the children in the community a fair chance & guidance through their academics. She believed that by saving the mind of the youth, we could break the cycles & redirect the course of their future.

Amber and Bruce found each other and planned a lifetime ahead, including their first child together into a world filled with love, family & friends.

During Amber’s pregnancy, she made sure to do everything possible for the babies health and her own. However, she was not receiving adequate care. Since December 2019 Amber’s platelets had been deteriorating before Covid was announced in NYC, March, 2020. It was discovered that Amber had HELLP syndrome and that her labor would need to be induced. (HELLP) a serious complication of high blood pressure during pregnancy standing for hemolysis, elevated liver enzymes, low platelet count.

Amber tragically passed away while giving birth to her son Elias on April 21, 2020. Her death was non COVID related but stems from medical neglect and a long standing problematic system.

Amber Rose Isaac was set to finish her Masters Program in May, 2020. Her son Elias would have been able to see his Mother receive her Masters Degree in December, 2020. A moment promised to us that has now forever been altered, we will not let her hard work & accomplishments go in vain, Ambers legacy lives through SaveA(mber)Rose. @saveAroseFoundation

Shamony Gibson.png

Shamony Mekba Gibson

We would like to honor and exalt Shamony Mekba Gibson — Mother, Partner and the eldest of three siblings. She is described as a loving, strong, fiery, and a steady force in her family.

Shamony transitioned at just 30 years old as a result of a pulmonary embolism related to childbirth. She passed away only 13 days after the birth of her second child Khari.

Pulmonary Embolisms are among some of the most common post-childbirth complications, and studies conclude that 3 of every 5 deaths are preventable.

Shamony touched many lives as a performance artist, natural leader and entreprenuer. She studied at New York University and Medgar Evers College. She was an incredible dancer, had a love for traveling. She owned a company with her partner Omari called “Art-ful living”.

Shamony’s family and community keep her legacy of love, laughter, joy, beauty, creativity and spirituality alive.

In 2019, the “Advancement of Reproductive Innovation through Artistry and Health” (ARIAH) was founded by Shamony’s partner Omari Maynard and mother Shawnee Renee Benton Gibson. The ARIAH’s Foundation was created in honor of Shamony, with the purpose of raising awareness of maternal health through artistic expression.


You can support Shamony Gibson’s legacy by sharing her story, and this post. You can also follow her partner Omari @M_u_Z, her mother Shawnee Benton Gibson @shawneethehealer, and @theariahfoundation. Support the work that her family continues to do in and for the community. 💜🌹

#sayhername #Shamonylives #blackmamasmatter #blacklivesmatter #reproductivejustice #reproductivehealth #sheshouldbehere


Kira Johnson

We would like to honor and uphold Kira Johnson. Kira Johnson was seen as an invincible force to her family — a stay at home mommy and a successful entrepreneur. She and Charles Johnson (@4kira4moms) were married for 10 years when she was pregnant with their second child Langston. When doctors told Kira she needed to have a c-section, the family didn’t worry because Kira was very active, and she had no major health issues. She knew how to fly a plane, she skydived and even raced cars for fun.

In April 2016, Kira went into Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles for a routine c-section. Charles immediately noticed issues after the procedure whence he saw the catheter coming from Kira’s bedside begin to fill with blood.

Kira complained to her doctor and medical staff about severe pain in her abdomen after the c-section, and over several hours she began to shake, turn pale, and grew increasingly sensitive to touch. Charles and family begged doctors and medical staff to address her symptoms and run tests. For 10 hours Kira’s condition continued to deteriorate with no response from her medical team.

When she was finally taken to the OR for surgery after midnight, 3 liters of blood were found in her abdomen — doctors had lacerated Kira’s bladder during the c-section, and she was internally bleeding for hours. Her heart stopped immediately.

The L.A. hospital was dismissive with Kira’s family when they sought answers or acknowledgement of what had gone wrong. Charles sought to hold the hospital accountable. Dr. Arjang Naim, called grossly negligent in Kira’s death and in the near-deaths of several other women by the California Medical Board, is still delivering babies, just no longer at Cedar-Sinais.

Charles founded @4kira4moms, a non-profit organization in her honor, with the mission to advocate for improved maternal health policies and to promote the idea that maternal mortality should be viewed as a human rights issue.



Please support by donating to Charles Johnson’s campaign, by signing the petition on the organization’s website, or by sharing this post.

#sayhername #4kira4moms #blackmamasmatter #blackmaternalhealthcrisis

Sha-Asia Washington.png

Sha-Asia Washington

We would like to honor and uphold Sha-Asia Washington. Sha-Asia is described by her family as a beautiful soul, and expressed to be an amazing person to have as a mommy. She was a paraprofessional at Brooklyn Charter School, and she and her partner Juwan Lopez were so ready to welcome their first born into the world, and excited to start a new chapter of their lives.

Juwan planned to propose to Sha-Asia after she gave birth, in hopes of including their new family in the special moment. Unfortunately, Juwan’s and Sha-Asia’s plans were cut short after she passed away on July 3rd, 2021 while giving birth to their daughter at Woodhull Medical Center in Brooklyn.

Washington was admitted to Woodhull MC on July 2nd, 2020 for a routine stress test and was kept for observation due to high blood pressure levels. During her stay, Sha-Asia was not administered any medication for her condition other than Pitocin to induce her labor, and an Epidural after.

Sha-Asia went into Cardiac Arrest and was urgently rushed to the Operating Room for an emergency C-Section. A beautiful Khloe Sha-Asia Anne Lopez was born, but her mother’s heart had stopped instantly after. Doctors performed CPR for 45 minutes before the 26-year old was pronounced dead.

Sha-Asia was at least the third Black Woman to die from apparent childbirth complications in New York State, 2020. C-sections are found to carry overall higher rates of maternal mortality and morbidity. In 2012-2014, 66% of prenatal related deaths in NYS involved a C-section.



You can support and help raise awareness to Sha-Asia’s story and dozens of other stories just like hers by sharing this post. You can also donate to Sha-Asia’s @gofundme, or sign our petition on which calls for the government to require NYS hospitals to publish data on pregnancy outcomes.

#sayhername #shaasiawashington #amberroseisaac #Shamonylives #doitforelias #justiceforamber #blackmamasmatter #blacklivesmatter #reproductivejustice #reproductivehealth #sheshouldbehere

#blackmaternalmortality #bxrebirthcollective #birthwork #passNYhealth #movementtobirthliberation

Demi Dominquez .png

Demi Dominguez

We would like to honor Demi Dominguez who lost her life and her baby on April 19th, 2019 due to medical negligence. 
Demi had her whole life ahead of her and it was just beginning. She was happily engaged to be married, soon to be a first time mom, and a month away from graduating from Cal State Bakersfield.

When Demi started experiencing pregnancy complications, she did everything in her power to get the medical attention that she needed. Unfortunately her cries for help to save her and her baby’s life were ignored repeatedly both at her doctor’s office and in the hospital. She was never told that she had preeclampsia and the clear signs for it were ignored up until she died of a seizure, taking her last breath in the arm’s of her fiancé Xavier.

As for Demi’s son baby Malakhi, he was still alive but doctors took too long to take him by c-section. As the strong healthy baby he was, he fought hard but only lived for 18 hours and died in his father Xavier’s arms also.

After the passing of Demi, her mother Tracy and fiancé Xavier sought out legal help to get answers. Unaware of it, there was a medical negligence cap that would force them to pay for each step of the legal process. Due to this cap which stops families from seeking accountability and justice, Tracy and Xavier had to pay $30,000 for the legal fees. Now the doctors are taking action and have filed judgments against them.
Out of funds, Tracy and Xavier need money to fight this case. If they don’t get the money they need to fight this case, nothing will change, doctors won’t be held accountable, and women and babies in Bakersfield will continue to be harmed.


We want to fight for justice for Demi and baby Malakhi! We want to fight for accountability! We want to fight for change in the medical system for our women! 

To support Demi’s family please visit @justice_4_demi_bby.malakhi and donate to their GoFundMe page! 

Please also follow and support her mother Tracy @luv_our_angels and her fiancé Xavier De Leon @zavey__ 
#justicefordemiandmalakhi #fairnessact #hearhervoice #Fixmirca  #sayhername #changethecap #maternalmortality #bakersfield

Yolanda S. Kadima.png

Yolanda S. Kadima

We would like to honor Yolanda S. Kadima, who transitioned on 07/27/20 because of complications of an immediate c-section, at the age of 35. She left behind her children, husband, family, and friends. Yolanda was a birthworker who dedicated her time to bringing new life into this world. #savearose is with you and will continue the fight against maternal mortality in your honor.



To help support the Kadima family, please follow the @yolandafoundation and her husband @thelevanter

#sayhername #YolandaKadima #blackmamasmatter #blackmaternalhealth


Cordielle Street

We would like to honor Cordielle Street who lost her life on March 3, 2020, due to complications in childbirth. Just days after giving birth, Cordielle leaves behind her newborn daughter Surrayah, and her eldest daughter Skylan.

Born in Trinidad, Cordielle is described to be a “unique light gone too soon” who was fearless, beautiful, and feisty, loved by many.

The following is from an eulogy written by former TV6 producer Caroline Onikute and close friend to Cordielle Street:

“Cordielle Street was an international award-winning producer with over 15 years of international experience, producing content for BBC, UK Voice, Associated French Press, Nike, [and more].

An award-winning Journalist and Broadcaster in Trinidad for many years, Cordielle received nine World Health Organization awards. Additionally she was a Correspondent for BBC’s 1XTRA, as well as newswire reporter for the Associated French Press.

Her work is accredited throughout NYC as well as Europe and she is known as a media entrepreneur and co-owner of the Align Pictures—a New York State certified Minority & Woman Owned Enterprise.

As a producer in NYC, she transitioned her influence toward short form and commercial producing with top artists, brands and agencies worldwide.

Trini to the bone, she spent the past decade producing content and providing opportunities for others both in Trinidad and New York. Her major aim was to use her influence to create projects that not only entertained, but educated viewers on pressing social topics. Her loss is keenly felt throughout the NYC production family and the Trinidad media fraternity.”

The Maternal Mortality Crisis is taking away beacons of light such as Cordielle Street — away from their loved ones and away from their communities. This is why it’s so important that we fight to have the necessary conversations about maternal mortality in order to prevent further loss of our mothers.



To support Cordielle’s family you can donate to her GoFundMe page “Cordielle Street Memorial Fund” and you can follow her partner @stayfitculture

#sayhername #cordiellestreet #blackmamasmatter #saveArose

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