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Birthing Center

We are aiming to bring the first ever Midwifery Led Birthing Center to the Bronx & Beyond. The Bronx is home to the highest Cesarean/ Mortality Rates in New York, although rates are still high in other Boroughs and throughout the State Of New York. Birthing Centers are proven to have better birthing outcomes by keeping women low risk & preventing the most common causes of maternal death during childbirth. We can prevent anemia and malnutrition in the pregnant women, preventing prematurity and infection in the baby. Mothers deliver in a safe, compassionate environment with their families. Let’s make putting lives first a priority and make this option affordable & accessible to everyone.


The Wombbus

Wombus will be offering Prenatal & Postnatal to the underserved communities, allowing mothers to know and understand their birthing options. Wombus will also be transferring Mothers & Families to and from The Birthing Place (Birth Center)  “MORE INFORMATION COMING SOON”

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